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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tour Blog 1/20/2016

Sitting here in Lubbock, Texas at our new buddy Tye's house who kindly gave us a place to stay for the night.  No Wal-Mart for these Metal Punks tonight.

The scene that we've seen in the last 5 days has been just unbelievable. These kids are hungry for the metal feast that this tour line-up has to offer.  It's so amazing to see people hang out ALL NIGHT (on a weeknight) to catch all the bands.  You just don't see that back in Los Angeles.

Watching the Warhead guys, I just can't think of any other band I'd rather be doing this with.  The energy from both bands is purely indirect comeptition.  We play each night as if we're playing in front of thousands at a festival trying to outdue eachother.  But it all comes from passion.  

Just last Thursday, Adam and I quit our jobs.  Not because they wouldn't allow us our jobs back once we came back home, but because this is what we worked so hard towards.  16 years ago, when we started, this was the dream that we envisioned- To travel to places we've never been to and to play our music.  And the positive response we've been getting, along with the amazing hospitality, has been just beyond anything either one of us could have ever imagined.  

I'll try and keep a regular update on how things are going on the road (trying very hard to make it weekly or perhaps more often permitting the proper wi-fi allocations), but so, so fucking good!!!

Till Next time,

Cheerz N Beerz